Bioenergetic Level 3


"Harmonizing human being in his body and in his Environment"


METAPHYSICAL  : Acmos Distance Treatment (ADT) by Quantum Resonance / Graphic Charts & Posters.

  • These techniques can be applied either in person or over any distancee body and optimize cellular regeneration.
  • Learn to use the Acmograph distance treatment chart to achieve Acmos Disatnce Global Balance -
  • Assess and tune; the resource energy (yin), the day to day management energy (yang), the defensive energy, the effect of the environment on the individual or on groups of people. 



  • The ACMOS Method and ‘reasoning’
  • Difference between ACMOS and pathos
  • Constitution of the essential Energy centre
  • Acupuncture according to ACMOS
  • Identifications of levels of disorder:
  • The law of the five elements according to ACMOS
  • The elimination of toxins
  • The ACMOS Harmonies
  • The principal concepts of ACMOS
  • Polarity
  • Analysis of compatibility
  • The ACMOS Protocol and questioning the ‘rectangles’


  • Detailed look at the stimulation of energy points and circuits
  • Acmos Harmonics- the definition of the Acmos regulators
  • Identification of energy disconnection
  • Restoration of Global Balance
  • The 34 levels of Energy Regulation
  • The 5 Element Law
  • Energy Transfer


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