Bioenergetic Level 4


 "Mastering Global Balance of human being in his body, his medication , his nutrition and its environment"


BIOENERGETIC : Acmos Harmonization & Stimulation Protocols

  • Stimulate acupuncture points using vibration, light and electro-acupuncture to maintain the vibrancy of all the cells of the body and optimize cellular regeneration.
  • Learn the theory and practical application of Acmos harmonisation to restore energy to the reserves using the energetic properties of essential oils, minerals, homeopathic remedies, herbs and colours.
  • Acmos Harmonization & Stimulation Protocols
  • Learn how to restore deep energetic incoherences, activating self management and self healing.



  • The ACMOS Concept
  • ACMOS quantum Bioenergetics
  • Dialogue with the Energetic Body
  • Circulation of energy and life waves
  • Acmodynamisation
  • ABC technics of radio-communication
  • Management of side effects and compatibility
  • Reinforcement against relational aggressions
  • Management of perverse effects of the environment
  • Virtual aggressions and the Acmogram
  • Procedures of the ACMOS Method
  • Distance Treatment
  • The ACMOS Protocol

Global Balance and ACMOS Protocol

Test and harmonisation of Man and his body, his medication, his nutrition and environment.

  • The hierarchy of ACMOS Harmonisation
  • Conclusion of the relation between ACMOS & PATHOS
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