Modern man’s eating habits are less and less adapted to his nutritional requirements, mainly due to misinformation and a sedentary life style. Without putting the person on a diet, the Acmos concept of nutritional balance restores missing elements in the body “the resources” with herbal and seasonal supplements in order to regulate nutritional deficiencies and malfunction.

Improper nutrition in industrialised countries, is claimed by nutritionist to be among the six major causes of mortality; cardiac and cerebral-vascular illnesses, cancers, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, and cirrhosis of the liver.

Consumer protection associations are concerned with chemical product additives such as food colouring, conservatives and other OGM, whose produce have become “naturally” insufficient and upsetting to the energetic balance.

The objective of the Acmos nutritional balance is primarily to apply the 3 P criteria:

  • Prevention, by the contribution of energetic nutrition to reinforce the organism
  • Personalisation, by selection of the food and diet perfectly adapted to each individual
  • Potentialisation, by compensating deficiencies to help ensure daily requirements. 


The speciality of the ACMOS Method is to identify disorders in the body’s capacity to constitute its centripetal Yin energy stocks. Also to verify if Yang products that seem to favour matter do not in fact slow down or create blockages in our centripetal energy which constitutes our reserve force.

A nutritional aggression or a general nutritional incoherence will provoke a “violent reaction” in energy defence and will start automatic protections in the different energy circuits. These protections are simply slowing down or “provisional” suspension, of energy circulation in the most sensitive areas of the aggression.

A strong organism, is able to dynamically restore normality after a meal or absorbing of products that are not compatible with the energy of the different organs or functions. But in many cases normal conditions cannot be restored and therefore energetic problems are created. Vibrational and toxic waste cannot be eliminated properly, the problem therefore evolves, a chain reaction from the energetic level to the organic, and then to the lesional and organ dysfunctions results;

What you will learn in this ACMOS Theme Seminar :

The Acmos General Nutritional Concept

  • Acmos Technics and Nutritions
    The Procedures
    The Harmonies
    The Evaluation of adapted Diets
    The Levels of Acmodynamisation concerned with nutrition
    ACMOS Nutritional advices
    ACMOS nutritional specifics
  • ACMOS Concept of Weight Loss
    ACMOS Diet and Obesity
    Weight Loss Diet
    Basic recommendations
    General Recommendation for Alimentation
  • ACMOS Personnalised
    ACMOS Nutritional Balance (Fish, Meats, Poultry and Game, Fruits, Vegetables, Cereals and Derivatives, Spices and Aromatic Herbs, Dairy and Drinks
    ACMOS Seasonal Balance (AcmoBois - wood, AcmoFeu - fire, AcmoTerre - earth, AcmoMetal - steel, AcmoEau - water)
    Diet Protocol,
  • Definitions and Classifications
    Chemical Nutriments
    Poor nutritional habits
  • Nutrition and Longlife
  • Food Combinations
    Bad comining
    Good Combining
    Mixes that are not avised
  • The Balance of Acid/Alkaline Food Elements
  • Separated Nutrition (Following Hay)
    Consumption of denatured foods
    Consumption in too great quantities proteins and concentrated starch
    Normal digestion
    The Nutrition system
  • A Protein Diet
  • Diet According to your Bllod Group
  • Vitamins
  • ACMOS Nutrition Protocol
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